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Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.

Company Profile
With the deepening of the market mechanism, Shandong Doguide Group has gradually grown up to the largest Titanium Dioxide manufacturer in China. It has five wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies with total assets value over 2.5 billion yuan, total capacity 160 kt of high quality Titanium Dioxide Rutile and 20 kt of Titanium Dioxide Fibre grade annually, which are widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, inks, and Fiber industries. It is the largest Titanium Dioxide manufacturing base in Asian Pacific Region.

Contact Us
Company: Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Thomas Fan
Address: No.55, Henglihe, Qiugu, Boshan Dist.
Postcode: 255200
Tel: 86 533 4161717
Fax: 86 533 4161718

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Tel : 86 533 4161717 Fax : 86 533 4161718
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