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Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.

Products >> SR-236 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE

SR-236 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE

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Product Name: SR-236 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE
Supply Ability: 160,000 MT/Y
Specifications SR-236
Price Term: FOB or CIF
Port of loading: Qingdao Port
Minimum Order 1 MT
Unit Price: Negotiable
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[ Typical Properties ]
TiO2 content, % >=94
Rutile content, % >=98
Inorganic coating Alumina, Silica
Organic treatment Yes
Crystal size, um 0.29
Specific gravity, g/cm³ 4.0
Bulk density, g/cm³ 1.0
Water demand,cm³/100g pigment 28
Color CIEL* >=97.5
Oil absorption, g/100g 19-22
PH 6.5-8.0

[ Characteristics ]
SR-236 is an inorganic and organic surface treated multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment, it has excellent optical, high whiteness, good durability and dispersibility properties.

[ Applications ]
Oil-based coating, Paper, Plastics, Ink

[ Package ]
25kg/multi-layer paper-PEbag, 500kg or 1000kg/bag

[ Classifications ]
ASTM D 476-00: V

Please feel free to contact us to obtain the detailed manual. The product are in accordance with the test report of the product.

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