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Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.

Products >> SR-237 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE

SR-237 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE

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Product Name: SR-237 Titanium Dioxide from DOGUIDE
Supply Ability: 160,000 MT/Y
Specifications SR-237
Price Term: FOB or CIF
Port of loading: Qingdao Port
Minimum Order 1 MT
Unit Price: Negotiable
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[ Typical Properties ]
TiO2 content, % >=93
Rutile content, % >=98
Inorganic coating Alumina, Silica
Organic treatment Yes
Crystal size, um 0.29
Specific gravity, g/cm³ 4.0
Bulk density, g/cm³ 1.0
Color CIEL* >=97.5
Water demand. m³/100g pigment 30
Oil absorption, g/100g 18-21
PH 7.0-8.5

[ Characteristics ]
SR-237 is an inorganic and organic surface treated multipurpose rutile titanium dioxide pigment, it combines excellent properties such as good whiteness, high gloss and tinting strength, high durability and ease of dispersion.

[ Applications ]
Water-based coating, Emulsion paints, Powder coating, Paper.

[ Package ]
25kg/multi-layer paper-PEbag, 500kg or 1000kg/bag

[ Classifications ]
ASTM D 476-00: V

Please feel free to contact us to obtain the detailed manual. The product are in accordance with the test report of the product.

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